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E46 M3 GTR Street Car - Build Project Thread

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Please be aware this is a VERY picture intensive build thread.

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The following build thread is the conversion of an E46 M3 into an E46 M3 GTR Street Car. Unlike most “GTR” conversion, you see people make, this is meant to be as close to factory as possible using parts that are available today. Unfortunately, some parts will have to be aftermarket, as the OE parts are no longer made or were never available.

This build is planned to be completed hopefully within the next two years to be a showcase car for the 2016 event that I am planning for the E46 M3. As with my other build to make a CSL, a fully document process of the change will be posted here along with another in-depth build sheet.

I hope you enjoy the process and I welcome questions and ideas, as my hope is to make this somewhat a community project. By this, I mean ideas are welcome but in the end may not be used due to time, cost, or just too far out there. Those enthusiasts who wish to help / learn in this build process are welcome to come out and help once the build begins.

What is a GTR Street Car?
The E46 M3 GTR street car was made for BMW to compete in the Le Mans Race Series. For a complete history on these cars there is some website that offer limited data. The few image that exist are pictured below. Love or hate looks, this is the plan on what the car will look like once I am done. A note is that some changes will be made as to accommodate parts being used and some customizing to make unique.


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