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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
I always thought the stoptech bridge was the hottest ticket when it came to pad changes. No issues at all with mine.
In principle - it is. The bridge adds stiffness to the caliper while still offering the benefits of the open top for fast pad changes.

I called stoptech yesterday, and they are aware of the issue. It seems to be "batch" based. Some have the issue some don't. They offered to take my calipers, inspect them, and send them out to me no charge. I doubt I will go this route because I don't want my car sitting there with lines dangling. They declined a caliper swap. They also said I need to go through HP since they are the retailer.

I have a Lisle Pad spreader. I highly recommend it! It's less than 49 shipped on amazon, and it works GREAT. I tested it and it does clear the top side of th eStop tech calipers. So at least in principle the appeal of stoptech for fast pad changes is still there. You just need to make sure the abutment plates aren't going to give you trouble.