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Originally Posted by e92zero View Post
I am very interested in this topic actually. How does the other companies' system work?

- Do the valves still open/close when the cylinder is deactivated? I remember to have read that the intake/exhaust valves stay close on the deactivated cylinders to minimize pumping lost but how is it implemented in an overhead cam design?

- Is it always the same cylinder that get deactivated? Seems to be but wouldn't this cause uneven wear on the engine in the long run?
The GM and Chrysler systems deactivate specific cylinders by using a special valve lifter. The ECU controls oil flow solenoids for the unique lifter to prevent the exhaust valve from opening. The injectors on those cylinders are also shut-off.

PM me with your email and I can send you a PDF file with more information and color photos. I just attended a great webinar on Active Fuel Management systems. I teach automotive technology and there are always plenty of new changes.