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Originally Posted by TurboFan View Post
I have not handled or shot the 5d, but it has a very good reputation. Isn't it rather pricey? That said, don't be afraid of used equipment. At least half of everything I've purchased has been used.

The VR in the body is interesting, but if it were the best solution, I'm sure Canon and Nikon would be on it. See, problem with VR / IS, if you don't need it, you don't want it. It adds complexity, and all things being equal, VR is a means of last resort. You'll have better pictures with a tripod or monopod, and the lenses are simpler with fewer elements if you don't have VR. Less is more when it comes to the elements in your lens.
I really appreciate you being a voice of reason here. Your opinions make a lot of sense. The pricing on the 5D is actually in the same range as the 40D and D200. It came down a lot it seems. The more I read about the D300 though, I think I may just wait a couple weeks till its released.
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