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Originally Posted by hova00 View Post
I had the same issue that drove me crazy until I finally figured it out.

1. Measure hub opening on wheel
2. Is there a difference between this and your your hub size?
3. If so go to this website and buy hub centric rings that make up the difference and problem solved.

I had a set of custom rims that were supposed to be hub centric but weren't and caused me to balance my front wheels over and over.
The hub is supposed to be 72.56mm, and the wheels are "supposed" to be 72.6mm. The 0.04mm is so that it can fit inside someone here mentioned. But I'll verify this, as well as the hub on the spacer, which is actually where the problem might be. I just need a high quality ruler. What if it's off by like 0.5mm? It would be hard to see, but that site does have a 72.56mm to 73.1mm adapter. It's like $45 with free shipping to Canada. Good site, thanks!

Originally Posted by Z K View Post
I very much doubt your problem is with your wheels and as you mentioned, it still exists with spacers on your OEM wheels.

Spacers are a mixed bag... they say they are OEM fit and the same hub size etc. but the actual fitment varies between brands and even different on the hubs of different cars! I've had vibration from spacers on cars before - it is not uncommon. Sometimes you can fix it by fitting them a certain way or certain torque techniques like I mentioned earlier - torquing the wheel in the air without the tire touching the ground. Other times you just got a bad set of spacers that don't work with your car/wheel set up.

Remove the spacers and try it, the vibration should go away. If you still want to use spacers, try a different brand.

As for the rear being fine... you will not feel rear vibration through the steering wheel or the car. The entire rear subframe is isolated by rubber bushings and layers of sound deadening.
This is why I originally wanted the VMR, it had offsets that didn't require spacers. I tried two brands of spacers but they were both installed by the same shop. When BMW installed the wheels there was a huge improvement (unless it was just the RoadForce balancing, although they said it was a tiny adjustment that I wouldn't even feel). So maybe BMW did it a better way. Gonna ask them to maybe do the same thing with the spacers and ask to watch, so I could do the same.

Great to know about the rear. I was wondering why only the front was affected. Now, the important question is whether vibrations like this would be bad for the car? If I fix the front, for example, but leave the rear, it'll still put extra wear on the bushings, right? So if I find a solution, I should apply the same solution to the rear as well, right?

Thanks so much for your help guys!!
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