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Originally Posted by BMW Fanatik View Post
I did not want to call you a moron in my first post. However, you are a moron.

I too live in Canada - Calgary to be exact, I would bet that buying local over here would be even more expensive than when you are 'Pinz'.

The tires being BMW approved have nothing to do with the rims safety, it's like saying that the BMW approved tires are good enough for a Bugatti Veyron's rims...see how stupid that sounds?

Also, there are TWO 18" options, not just one like you keep mentioning (in the process making yourself sound like a dumbass)...1) is the OEM winter package option aka style 270 - this is an 18x8 Front & Rear rim size and a 235/40/18 Front & Rear tire size. 2) is OEM standard option wheels aka style 219 - this is 18x8.5 Front and 18x9.5 Rear and a 255/40/18 Front & Rear tire size. 1) can be had at under $2,000 USED like I mentioned and I bought 2) at $1,100.

Just a couple of points too; you mention initially that VMR's take 6 weeks to get to Canada, that's your vendors bs or your personal bs as I got mine from a vendor on here at a substantial discount $1,000~ INCLUDING shipping + taxes + fees in JUST 8 DAYS - even with tires (295/30/19 and 265/30/19 - which are WAY more expensive than your winter sizes) I paid less than $2,700 installed AT MY HOUSE, NOT HAVING TO DRIVE ANYWHERE OR WAIT AROUND AIMLESSLY! Also, now you say that you never said your wheels were 'quality wheels' yet whenever somebody was to hate on them you would defend them to the end of the earth.

Give me PROOF that they are NOT the problem and this will be a different conversation...for now I am done with this thread and I just wanted to leave you a little essay so you know how it feels for the rest of us when you go on endlessly, you moron.
Have you ever heard of the fundamental attribution error? Calling me a "moron", which is a judgment of an internal attribute is based only on external factors, actually just one to be precise. Also, it shows the lack of your willingness to asses all comments mentioned about the issue before jumping to conclusions.

And no, Vancouver is not cheaper than Calgary. Go to craiglist and look at the prices for almost any good. I just did it, including tires and such, and Calagary is quite a bit cheaper. I didn't do a 20 sample with 98% confidence interval, so I cannot state that it's true because of craiglist, but rather it's from personal experience, many friends from Calagary that moved here say how much more expensive everything is here, especially real estate and taxes. How much tax do you pay on tires? Here it's 12%. The reason for mentioning craiglist is to provide you a way to check it yourself, so you won't have to take my word for it. Let's keep this point out of the discussion, however, since it's not relevant to the problem. I just wanted to help you to be more informed, not to make you look wrong or anything.

About BMW approved tires, did I say anything about rim safety? No, I mentioned that because they have to be BMW approved for the warranty to hold. I wanted to buy something in case the tire gets punctured or the rim gets bent that I wouldn't have to bear the cost for it. Less things to worry about. I said this to point out that the BMW OEM package doesn't have the warranty advantage it would otherwise.

About the options, I'm not going to say anything that makes you look dumb, but all I will say is that I was only given ONE option. I wish I had two options like you did. I asked them if they had any other packages, and unfortunately they didn't. I'd actually be very happy with Option 2 if I could get that. Your car looks great with those wheels. Now of course you don't believe me, and I can't believe I'm spending time proving to someone who is arrogant just to clear my name of your accusations. Look at the PDF here, under 3 Series/M3 they list one option at the bottom. This is all the dealer could offer me. There's no picture in the PDF, so I'm sending you the picture that the BMW sales person sent me to show how they look like. It's personal preference, but I just didn't want those wheels on my car. You have to respect a person's opinion.

BMW Winter Packages.pdf

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Why do you assume people love to BS? Have you ever considered that different things could happen to different people in the same situations? I doubt vendors would randomly BS, especially when in this case it would mean more money from them. For me, I don't see the reason to make stuff up just to exaggerate something or make a problem seem bigger than it is. What is the point in that? The vendor said that VMRs are not bad, but it's the stock with them that is the problem. They might have some stock one week, and next week none. Ever consider the issue of stock?

At another location, they guy said it would take 2 weeks for the VMRs. So I said fine. Then they call VMR to order the wheels and apparently they don't have stock for the size/offsets that I need. They told me it'd take like 4-6 weeks if I wanted to wait for them. Now I wish I would've waited for them so that I wouldn't have to deal with spacers and stuff like that. In the future I might swap them out.

Which VMRs did you get? I'm guessing 19x10 +25 for the rear? And front 19x9.5 +22 or +33? Or something less aggressive? I thought about 19x9.5, but I'm guessing it'd have to be +33 as +22 would probably rub, right? I might order them for $1000, and then sell the current wheels and spacers for around $700-800 for everything if I can. That is if I can't make this spacer issue go away completely.

About the tires that you claim are so much more expensive than mine. How much did you pay? Is this for summer or winter tires? For 265/30R19 I see cheap ones for about $100, better at $200 and so on up to Michellin PSS for $400. The way you made it sound is that these tire sizes are super expensive. Unless you're talking about winters, in which case you probably don't have much of a choice. It'd be dreadful to have sizes like that for winter. Mine cost over $400 just because they're 19" with a 35 sidewall. Can't imagine the price for a 30 sidewall winter tires...

About your "essay" claiming that you are speaking for everyone about how they feel, I didn't see anywhere in your post about how you are feeling, I could only imply from the way you were writing. It's mostly just accusations and trying to prove me wrong, which doesn't mention how you are feeling. Are you feeling tired? Sad? Upset? Angry? And why? I don't need to give you PROOF. I just asked for help with an issue, mentioning limitations such that I cannot afford to buy a new set of wheels right now. Instead of bashing, you could've politely said something like, "I still think the wheels are the problem, but if you really want to keep them you can try this or this". Or if you really don't see a way out, "Dude, I think the wheels are the issue and I don't know of a way around it, your best bet would be to sell them." Like some people here did. But there's no need to call people names and go ballistic just because it triggers some emotion or nerve.

In case you missed it, the issue is still there with the OEM wheels, so likely it's a spacer issue. There are still some more things I'm going to try to verify what exactly about the spacers is causing it, but lately the signs have been pointing towards installation. The vibrations would start out mild and then increase every time the wheels were reinstalled. But when BMW did the reinstallation, the vibrations were mild and stayed like that. Almost bearable... almost. So maybe I'll get them to reinstall the spacers, clean everything, and see how that goes.
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