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Originally Posted by dmppdx View Post
I think my vibration sounds fairly similiar to your but to a much lesser extent. It's a little hard to remember since it wasn't that noticeable and I have already taken my snow tires off. I haven't tried the wheels without the spacers, but I might do that next winter just to see. Also, the wheels I had were a 74mm (I think) center bore, so they actually had an adapter that made them fit the 72.6mm hub/spacer. Having an adapter might have contributed to the vibration also. If I wanted to get ride of the adapter I could get a spacer built for a 74mm wheel and a 72.6mm hub, but since the vibration is minor, I'm not going to bother. The difference between a 72.6mm and 72.56MM is just the clearance needed to allow them to fit together. If they were both actually 72.60mm, there would be no way they would fit together, so there is no need for an adapter for you. I'm not sure why a tire shop would even suggest that.
I tried the OEM wheels without spacers and it was fine when I got the car. I haven't really driven much at these speeds for a while before I got the new wheels + spacers. So unless these vibrations developed over that time, I think the OEM wheels are fine. It looks like the issue is with the spacers.

One thing I've noticed is the vibration seems to be mild, and then increases after more drives until it's pretty bad. But after BMW RoadForce balanced and reinstalled the replicas, the vibrations were WAYYY less and have been staying like that. You almost can't see the steering wheel vibrate anymore, you just feel this tiny little vibration when you hold the wheel. I could probably live with that since at any other speed than 120 km/h it seems not noticeable anymore. I wonder if it's just a fitment issue, maybe the tire shop didn't do the bolts in the right order or right torque or something. I'll get BMW to try reinstalling the spacers, too, making sure to clean everything. If it was due to the balancing, I would be very surprised since the problem doesn't happen all the time. And I found balancing issues are constant.

The tire shop didn't suggest the adapter (hub ring), it was BMW. The tech also told me I should get a 30 sidewall tire for the rear, not 35, which is wrong. Maybe he thought it was a 20" wheel? His comments on the sheet are also funny.. like HUGE AFTERMARKET WHEELS, HUGE SPACERS IN FRONT, VERY HUGE SPACERS IN REAR, etc.

Originally Posted by slicer View Post
OP - based on your very thorough and meaningful posts it's now clear to me that the wheels are not the problem. At this point I think the best option is to sell the M3 and go back to a Honda Civic. Please also pay more than MSRP for the Civic because that will guarantee that if you have mechanical problems it will not be the car's fault.
Just seems like you are making fun of my english. It is funny though, and did make me laugh. But when you said "cheap wheels", I literally thought you meant inexpensive, not cheap quality. And they're about the same price as OEM wheels which you consider "not cheap", which seemed like a contradiction to me. English has so many words with double meanings; in my language we just have separate words for everything to avoid confusion.
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