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I love how keyboard warriors talk about these cars as if they drive 10/10ths on the track. From what I've seen, very few people do.

First learn to be a good driver using a car such as a BRZ or a Miata. Understand the driving line first and then once you master speed & handling these cars on any given track......then MOVE ON UP.

Getting a Z06 and hitting the track right off the box means you'll be chicken shit for the most part when driving on track with most smaller and slower cars dominating you on HPDE's. With great power comes great responsibility

Keep in mind that most sports cars today have so many electronic nannies that inhibit or mask your mistakes. Train yourself at a HPDE with NO ABS, TC etc, then check back and start talking about 500hp/500TQ upgrades.....

I will always respect someone who can drive an old school viper/vette/exige (with no ABS/TC etc) at the absolute limit and ropes in a fast lap. That's real driving.