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Originally Posted by Billj747 View Post
Kudos to bmw because a 15lb lighter roof makes the m3 an inherently better platform for club and pro racing. And 15lbs at roof height might not be anything for your avg joe hpde-er but it is in racing. The weight of a sunroof is pretty bad for performance on track and that difference I bet a fast hpde guy could feel.
Perhaps, but if you really want a dedicated race car then an M3 is a subpar platform for that. It's quite expensive, and for all that cost it's still underpowered, overweight, and requires a long laundry list of mods before being ready for racing. It's not a particularly fast car for the money either. For such a price tag there are many platforms that are more suited for building a race car, for example a slightly used C6 Z06, Cayman R, GTR, or even a Boss 302.