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Love it the interior and cage look awesome! it's a bolt in though right?

any pics of the mounting points and the floor? I wanna see what you removed/changed to bolt it all in! looks very discreet though since it kept the rear main seat portion.

most likely newbs to racing will thing cages in a convertible look funny.
or..... fanboi's because they have the close minded analogy that bmw fanbois have that vert isnt m3 etc..roof line is weird bs....blah blah..

I have been wanting to do a recaro in my vert also and was too scared due to the roll over protection, but the cage actually looks much better than I thought.I would probabbly do a matte color on mine though.

but seriously...all those mods for racing and on stock wheels and tires?

any pictures from a normal distance... that are not super super zoomed in so we can see the whole car with the top down as if we were standing a few yards away from it with a horizonal picture?
First "real" widebody M3 ever thread.