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Originally Posted by W///
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I only have one set of ramps, how critical is it for the car to sit totally flat in order to drain out the oil?

Also, when it comes time to add the new filter, do you place yours in the housing and screw the cap on, or do you place the filter in the cap and screw it on.

Lastly, when removing the old oil from the filter housing, can you use paper towels, or is there some concern over the fibers from the towel being left as some type of debris?
1) I only jack up the front and it's fine. However, when it's time to refill and check the oil level, you obviously want to be flat.
2) I put the filter into the housing, then put cap on, press it down and start tightening. Don't forget to rub some motor oil on the big gasket on the cap.
3) Use a turkey baster. They are like 2 bucks from Walmart. There's a good amount of old oil in that housing.
Awesome! Thanks for the feedback.