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From a similar thread in a similar topic a couple years back...

And yes the new C7 car still uses a leaf springs and I'll guess the Z06 will as well. There are a plethora of advantages to this design including, lower center of gravity, less weight, less reinforcement structure/weight in the shock tower, built in anti-roll function meaning less weight in the formal roll bar. They system also offers height/corner weight tuning. The only draw back I see to the design is lack of ability to easliy change the spring rate.
As a former Corvette owner, both C4 and C5 I can tell you that they are not the best cars in the twisties. European suspension is miles above in sure footedness... Is this due to the leaf springs, IDK.... I can't speak for the C6-7's as I have never driven one. At the track it's the same ol' story with the Vettes, advantage on the straights and getting passed by hopped up Euro cars and Miata's in the corners. I still appreciate the Corvettes for what they are and bang for buck, you probably can't do any better. But after owning ///M cars, I'll probably never go back... just my opinion though. c6z06 obliterated the corners and the straights. And the c5z was also quite a handler. In fact id love to build a c5z as my dedicated track car in the near future.

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