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Originally Posted by Pinz View Post
Great post. I thought that it's the wheel snobs who read this section on the forums, who deal with many posts from people with broken aftermarket wheels due to being sub-optimal quality. Are your vibrations the same as mine, the wheel moves back and forth very quickly? Like about 10-20 times per second? I have 15mm spacers in the front, and I wonder if you removed yours if the vibrations would go away. I'm glad at least you share in the thinking that the wheels you have suit your purpose and it's inexpensive to replace them.

I would do all the cleaning you suggested, except that I don't have the tools. I looked into buying a torque wrench and all the stuff I need, but right now it's overkill. The shop where I got the wheels/spacers tried to fix the problem, so I could ask them to do what you mentioned. In my opinion it is their problem to deal with, but the manager said they are out of ideas, and when he mentioned machining a custom part, I just lost it. They did do the star pattern for tightening and everything. Maybe I'll get BMW to remove the spacers and install them, since when they took of the wheels and put them back on, the vibrations seem a bit less than when the other shop did it. Thanks for your suggestions, dmppdx! I appreciate your helpful and kind reply.

I think my vibration sounds fairly similiar to your but to a much lesser extent. It's a little hard to remember since it wasn't that noticeable and I have already taken my snow tires off. I haven't tried the wheels without the spacers, but I might do that next winter just to see. Also, the wheels I had were a 74mm (I think) center bore, so they actually had an adapter that made them fit the 72.6mm hub/spacer. Having an adapter might have contributed to the vibration also. If I wanted to get ride of the adapter I could get a spacer built for a 74mm wheel and a 72.6mm hub, but since the vibration is minor, I'm not going to bother. The difference between a 72.6mm and 72.56MM is just the clearance needed to allow them to fit together. If they were both actually 72.60mm, there would be no way they would fit together, so there is no need for an adapter for you. I'm not sure why a tire shop would even suggest that.