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Originally Posted by BMW Fanatik View Post
This thread made me laugh endlessly!

You paid $4,000 for a crap set of wheels?
You won't admit that they are the problem because of the amount you spent.
You can get the OEM Winter Package USED for less than $2,000 on here EASY.
You shouldn't trust people who are taking your money, you should trust the opinion of reputable vendors who don't care if you buy from them or not and will give you the correct information.

I bought my OEM 219 18" set with 255/40/18's (70%+ tread) all around for $1,100!!! OEM = no problems.

You sir need to get your sh*t together.
You, Sir, need to get your facts together. Tires for the M3 are not cheap, tax in Canada is ridiculous. I didn't spend a 'vast' amount. I tried buying a set here, I would only deal with local, and I couldn't find one before the temperatures started to drop. I went to a reputable vendor to get suggestions about what I should get, and then I went to a different place to do the same. And guess what, another place. And they all had very similar options. The only aftermarket wheels whose name I recognize was VMR. The only OEM option was crappy 18" wheels, which I did not want. You have to respect people's wishes and beliefs, even if you disagree with them. I didn't make any claims, like, "my wheels are better quality than OEM". No, I know what I'm doing, and I thought that by consulting BMW and tire/wheel "experts", it would be an even safer bet. If BMW wanted my money, why would they tell me to get aftermarket wheels if I didn't like the 18" option? I made sure the tires I got where BMW approved also.

And the reason I won't admit that they are the problem because there is no PROOF that they are. In fact, everything suggests that they are NOT the problem. Now I don't know when our society switched to being driven by faith instead of fact, but I still believe that if you want to state a universal truth, you need to back it up as fact, or else it's entirely your opinion. This is not the case anymore? I am totally humoured by all the posters who go along with the crowd and try to prove me wrong (which they can't, they don't have the car). And when I prove them wrong, they start calling me a liar because they can't swallow that they are the ones who are wrong. Oh the irony!
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