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Originally Posted by J5isalive View Post
Now you are saying you put your OEM wheels back on and you experienced the same vibrations? I'll humor you, though i do feel this is a lie.
So now I'm being accused of lying. Like I said, I knew the blame would always somehow come back to me. Instead of helping me deal with BMW, or tire shop, you guys start blaming the wheels just because I have aftermarket wheels when I stated that they are not the problem. Now that I've proved all of you wrong, you say it's a lie. What does the internet do to people? It's like it makes them live inside their own bubble of reality fuelled by their ego. The people I talk to "outside of the internet" seem to be more in touch with reality and more helpful, even those that know little about cars.

Originally Posted by J5isalive View Post
Get hubcentric rings, or if you are running spacers get hubcentric high quality spacers. Everyone is right, this car is very prone to unbalances, and non-hubcentric wheels.
Now we are talking... what size hub centric rings should I get? The wheel is 72.6mm in diameter, and the hub is 72.54mm. No one makes a 0.04mm hub centric ring. Or are you talking about a different size?

High quality spacers? Macht Schnell and H&R are not high quality? Which ones are high quality?

Originally Posted by J5isalive View Post
I have BBS LM-R wheels... Drives nice and smooth

I will say you are right, plenty of people have run cheap wheels on the M3 with no problem at all. Unfortunately you have a problem, and again, unfortunately, its likely the wheels.
Those are some nice wheels! I hope to get BBS or Volk wheels one day.

But the wheels again, seriously? Oh yeah, I forgot I was a pathological liar.

I'd take a picture.. oh wait, it can be photoshopped.. or a video.. oh wait, it can be videoshopped, or whatever. I know I'll keep getting blamed no matter what. I've dealt with such people on the internet before. It doesn't matter what you do or say, once that person says they are right, they don't have the balls to admit they are wrong.

And if the wheels somehow do end up being the problem, I admit in advance that I was wrong. I don't care about having to admit that because I believe in progress, and when we are arguing over matter because of pride or ego, it just slows us down as a society. Just say "my bad", or "see, I was right", and move on.

Now I will humour you and explain why it makes sense that it's not the wheels. The wheels fit fine without any play on the hub. The BMW technician verified this. He also RoadForce balanced them. That means they put it on a load where they can turn the wheel faster than 50km/h. I'm not sure what speed he took it up to, but it was above that for sure. So there is no vibration to problems in the uniformity of the wheel/tire. When you put the wheel on the spacer, you can feel a little tiny bit of looseness that doesn't exist when it's on the hub directly. The rear wheels don't exhibit this. The rear spacer is totally different. Even though originally they were both DRA-type H&R spacers, the rear one was a slightly different colour and look. I tried a used Macht Schnell set also, that's currently on now, that gives slightly less vibrations, but it's still there. The outer hub "extensions" of the spacers are not exactly the same, one is a little bit smaller than the other that you can tell by putting a 3rd spacer on top of each of them. One fight very tight and snug, you can't even rotate it, while the other fits easily and you can rotate it. AFAIR, there was no visible play between the spacer, but I didn't measure it with anything. If you put the OEM wheel on top of the spacer, you also can feel some movement. Obviously if you put the OEM wheel on the hub you wouldn't feel any movement. I haven't tried this, so I can't confirm it, but I didn't have any problem with the OEM wheels, so I doubt it. There are more things to explain, but is this helping at all to believe it's not the wheels that are the problem? Maybe in 99% of cases like these it's the wheels. But to me it looks like it's the spacers. Yes, maybe it's crazy that two different spacers could cause the same issue, but as another poster said, they usually don't fit perfectly. So maybe I just need to try a 3rd set of spacers.
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