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Originally Posted by Pinz View Post
I am aware of the different kind of casting used to make these wheels, and what their strength is compared to the OEM wheels. I am completely fine with that, as I've been using wheels cast the same way for over 10 years without problem. And if I get a bent wheel one day, I'll glad buy a new one. I saved thousands of dollars, and my car looks better than those being afraid and sticking to OEM-only wheels. Also, I did not "overpay" for the wheels, they are cheaper than the other aftermarket wheels. We are going from "cheap" to "overpriced" now?

If you struggle to understand, think about this: I asked for help with a problem, mentioning the wheels are probably not the problem. Yet, instead of thinking about other solutions, many replied disrespectfully because I said something "bad" about their favourite car brand. Yes, BMW sucks in this compartment as I haven't had a problem doing the exact same thing with other manufacturers.

Ever consider that maybe I'm not "taking" the advice from people here because they are simply wrong? Today I tried replacing them with the OEM wheels. Exact same problem! So if it's these "crappy" wheels that are the problem, why does it happen with the OEM wheels? Now you'll tell me I need to buy special BMW wheels made to drive on the highway?
Now you are saying you put your OEM wheels back on and you experienced the same vibrations? I'll humor you, though i do feel this is a lie.

Get hubcentric rings, or if you are running spacers get hubcentric high quality spacers. Everyone is right, this car is very prone to unbalances, and non-hubcentric wheels.

I have BBS LM-R wheels... Drives nice and smooth

I will say you are right, plenty of people have run cheap wheels on the M3 with no problem at all. Unfortunately you have a problem, and again, unfortunately, its likely the wheels.