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Originally Posted by Petros View Post
I agree. No offense but you must be delusional if you're celebrating 27 ppm lead! Mine had 2ppm lead and I had 7000 km on the oil and 120000 km on the engine. You should forget the blower for now, switch to Mobil 1, and keep doing oil analyses. If lead stays high, and especially if copper levels begin to rise, you should replace the bearings.
Why is it people always say something offensive before they say 'no offense'? Is this how we rationalize being assholes to someone we don't know?

I'm not worried about it because if it was major bearing wear, I'd see a far higher copper content. I think it's probably a contaminant or the fact that the oil was changed at such a long mileage (increasing the ppm). The fact that i'm running 0w40 mobil1, I'll expect to see a lowered lead content if I'm correct. The report doesn't express any alarming text and from the data I've seen researching this subject, I don't see it as any immediate cause for alarm.

All the gloom and doom I see about bearings made me think my motor was already dead with this kind of mileage. There may be some wear, but it's nowhere near as bad as I expected (crazy amounts of copper content, etc). For 72k miles on an engine, this is about what I would expect for normal wear.
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