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Another Speeding Ticket Thread

Sorry Guys, I know they come through pretty often but I tried looking up a similar ticket and couldn't find anything useful.

I was one a drive with with a buddy of mine he was in his S5 and I was in the M. I came around a blind sharp turn in a 25 mph and as I came around there was a car taking the turn really wide. I slammed the brakes but could not have been doing more than 30. As I stopped I realized it was a cop car. He then turned on his lights and pulled me over. He gave me a ticket for 35+ in a 25 and said he had contemplated giving me a reckless driving charge. The ticket is $105 which I don't really care about paying but, my question is how hard my insurance is going to get hit. I have one speeding ticket from 1 year and a half ago doing 42 in a 35.

Again sorry for the repeated thread topic I just need to know if this is worth fighting or not. Thanks!