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Originally Posted by kawasaki00 View Post
And everyone told me I was full of crap when I stated BMWNA has been doing the goodwill replacement at many dealerships even out of warranty.
They know there is a problem. They would not be giving out free engines if not.

Glad it all worked out for you, cheers. You have a lot more faith than I do if you put 10-60 back in.

If you want to do the break-in procedure follow the rpm/mileage they state. Run 5-30 synthetic and add a bottle of this in the picture

You are best to mix it in a bucket with the rest of the oil as it will stay in suspension better and not sit down in the pan.
I agree. They really dont deserve any credit for "goodwill" repairs considering they are the ones who fucked up the design of the engine in the first place. But of course we'll get the usual trained morons who will assure us that TWS is liquid gold, bearing clearances were determined by god himself, and that the S65 is a flawless model of perfection