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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I'm sorry, you're wrong. Re-read the article and let's consider Stoptech's perspective. Stoptech sells BBKs that can integrate into the OEM system as a front only or a 4 wheel kit. That's their "thing". What that tells me is their front kit is a compromise from what it could be since they do not want to throw off the bias.

And then that is a very general statement about cars.

In a corvette with a 335 rear Hoosier R6 and a 275 front R6? Yeah, the extra tire in the rear will help slow the car down.

In a BMW with a 20mm stagger? The Stoptech article would lead me to believe that there is more of a benefit in a rear BBK in a BMW than a Corvette. Because the rear brakes would be working harder relative to the front because there is less relative braking advantage because the stagger is less. Oh, let's not forget that most of us upgrade to a square tire setup. So there is even less braking effect from the sticky tires relative to the front axle. Suspension design?

But can I take this BMW argument and apply it to a Porsche? Probably not. Being a rear engine car has no bearing on braking? The weight distribution significantly changes a variable in the general calculations. How about all wheel drive? Front wheel drive? To think of a braking system as pads, rotors, calipers, fluid and pedal...that's a little short sighted.

I see that article as a marketing slogan touting what makes a Stoptech BBK "better" than others. Better is very relative.