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Originally Posted by NYBMW335 View Post
What kind of times do you guys usually get?? I am using a really bad wheel, it's a PS2 GT4 WHEEL. So i only have 180degrees of motion. But let me know what wheels and times??
One guy got 2:14.1 in a 10 lap race last night and won the 10 lapper. I think he had all the aids enabled or he is very smooth. My best was a 2:15.2 with ABS on. To see if I could catch him I turned on all the aids and it just slowed me down by 2 secs a lap.

ABS on and TC1 seems to work well (DSC off to get the back end out!)

A game pad may be okay but a wheel with force feedback and pedals makes it much more entertaining.

race name: Louie Spamilton

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