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Thirty years from now you will still be using the same floor jack unless one of your friends borrows it and conveniently forgets to return it. :-)

Yes, the $25 factory rebate goes through 31-Mar-2014 on orders which include $250 in Race Ramps products. The RR-56-2-HD ($263) plus RR-WC-2 ($31) qualifies since the total after our 10% store-wide discount is over the $250 threshold needed for the factory rebate.

Originally Posted by OilPatch;*****363
All my car guy friends drool when they see this floor jack in my garage, it's just solid and easy to tell its great craftsmanship.

About to pull the trigger on some RR-56-2-HD ramps and wheel chocks, is the 25$ rebate still active?

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