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Just because the currency conversion makes the m3 cost more, doesn't mean it will be in the $90k zone with the M6.

Instead, it will be priced accordingly with the other M models.

Here's a good way to look at the speculated E92 M3 pricing.

Some of BMWUSAs 'starting at' MSRPs:

550i = $58,500
M5 = $82,900
difference of - $24,400

650i = $75,600
M6 = $99,300
difference of - $23,700

650i Convertible = $82,700
M6 Convertible = $105,100
difference of - $22,400

Total average difference of - $24,100

All of these model comparisons were between the top of the line models in their series versus the M model in its series.

Furthermore, the..

335i coupe = $40,800
335i sedan = $38,900

So, based on what the average is, we could safely speculate..

M3 coupe = $64k
M3 sedan = $61k MSRP

For those with hopes of seeing something less pricey I'll say..

M3 coupe = $61-64k
M3 sedan = $58-61k MSRP