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in germany it's sold at 66000 euro. Simple currency conversion gives a US price at $93,000 !! M5 price zone

This is a dilemna for BMW. this prices is outrageous for us customers but if they price it relatively to the old M3 E46 price then they would loose money on it. Therefore BMW would be better off NOT selling the M3 AT ALL on the US market until the US dollar comes back up if it does. Ever wondered why US has to wait until spring 08 for the M3 it's not that they can't get it here before then. There you have it is all because of no profit. But BMW will have to sell the M3 for its image in the us. So they play the clock. The more they wait the more it indicates there is going to be a big price hike. Because the M3 has received mixed reception this further drives BMW to sell it as late as possible in the US. Economically the new M3 is framed to be a bust in the US.
Expect to pay big big $$ for M3 in the US and thank W Bush with the Iraq war which is largely responsible for driving the us dollar down that and the trade deficit.

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