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That looks like a touchpad on the armrest! Cool beans!

You can really see how the LFA rubbed off on the F....gauge cluster is NICE.

Edit: Why yes, it is a touchpad.

Other interesting notes from that article:

The hot 5.0-liter V-8 of the RC F also features all-electric cam phasing that allows the engine to go in and out of Atkinson-cycle operation to save fuel—a first that we know of in a production engine. Instead of being powered by oil pressure, as most variable cam-timing devices are, the Lexus’s V-8 has four electric solenoids to vary cam timing. On the intake side, the solenoids can hold open the valves longer to effectively reduce the compression ratio and lengthen the power stroke, which reduces the amount of fuel needed—and power produced—by the engine.
Where is the 480hp number coming from? The *official* press release says, "More than 450hp". I have yet to find anything concrete that says 480hp. The number I keep seeing is 460.

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I'm also glad to see Lexus kept the port injection to keep the valves from collecting carbon. I'm not looking forward to all the DI valves in the next few years needing walnut shell blasting. Mine included...
+1 Bravo to Toyota for carrying on their tradition of providing PORT INJECTION as well as direct injection. BMW, are you paying attention?

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