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Originally Posted by ToothDoc View Post
Anybody want to make a bet an M4 with DCT, full fluids, 19" wheels, and sunroof is more like 3500 pounds and not 3300 pounds?

The E90 M3 with DCT and full fluids is 3700 pounds. The old IS-F with sun roof and full fluids AND spare tire and jack is 3800 pounds.

The new M4 is 176 pounds lighter than the old M3 according the BMW. How is 3700 - 176 = 3300?

If the RC-F really is 3900 pounds with 480 hp vs. the M4 which I think is more like 3500 pounds, performance will be quite similar.

Oh, also, for the first time, Lexus will actually use PSS standard instead of RE050 which suck and always leads to crappy #s on the magazines AND, they will use the same width tires also 255 up front and 275 in the rear instead of using a size smaller like in the past.

I've got my bag of popcorn and anxiously waiting the comparos...
You wanna make a bet the new M4 is underrated 30-40 hp?

lets say the RF-C will all "fluids" etc is exactly 3,900 and the M4 say its 3,500 like you say. Its still 400 pounds AND don't forget how much better the M transmission will be

The M4 will outperform that new lexus. I'll take that bet.