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Originally Posted by gan1hck View Post
right...but do you not agree that the dust from race pads (like PFC's) seem more corrosive than regular dust?

The dust from the regular pads always seem to just wash off no matter how long it's left on.

The dust from my PFC's....ate into my rims after the winter because I didn't bother washing them like I should have...

Maybe something else in the equation?
I too have the opinion (and experience) that the brake dust from racing pads can irrepairably bind to wheels. I found this to be particularly true after I did a track weekend in the rain - the race pad dust never came off!

Thus, I would second the advice about using the race pads on the street for the minimal amount of time, and being very diligent about cleaning off the dust after an event.

An alternative would be to buy a set of trashed second-hand wheels as your track wheels and just ignore the cosmetics!

(I am also trying out this Armor All Wheel Protectant product ( to keep the brake dust from sticking to the wheels. I am very impressed but I have only used it once with track pads and track driving so far.)