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Originally Posted by BoostedBimmer View Post
No..........I realize there is no way to even get close to a $700 range payment based on a NO money down situation or even minimal DP.

Just wondering what kind of down payment would be needed for that kind of payment. And by the looks of it...............about 8 to 10K OUCH!

My states sales tax is 6% by the way.

I guess I'll have to wait and see.............
It's going to depend on the interest rates, price of car, down payment, etc. If you come to the table w/ 8-10k (..I'm planning on coming to the table w/ 5-8k), and lease the car without some ridiculous mark-up, I'd guesstimate that you'd be in the high 700-mid 800 range. The biggest variable is going to the be the money factor/residual.

In the past, my M3 payments have varied by $100 based solely on money factor/residual; both M3's were priced about the same (...$55k).