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Avoiding the Race Ramps rebate donut hole...

Race Ramps has been running quarterly promotions for a couple of years. The current Q1 2014 $25 cash back rebate applies to orders of $250 or more in Race Ramps products after discounts, shipping, and taxes.

There are quite a few Race Ramps products in the $225 to $250 price range. For example, the going price from most resellers for the RR-56-2 ramps is $228. This is too low to qualify for the rebate offer. You can avoid what I refer to as the rebate donut hole by adding a relatively low value add-on to your order, like a pair of wheel chocks at $31. The combination of the RR-56-2 ramps and RR-WC-2 wheel chocks comes to $259 or $234 after the factory rebate. So the net cost of the wheel chocks is only $6.

If you order your Race Ramps from Reverse Logic you can also take advantage of our 10% Store-Wide discount on orders of $200 or more. Here's an example showing how you can leverage our Store-Wide discount to get more bang for your buck. Order a set of Heavy Duty RR-56-2 ramps for $263 and the RR-WC-2 wheel chocks for $31 for $294 less a $29.40 Store-Wide discount, or $264.60. This order qualifies for the $25 factory rebate bringing your net cost to 239.60. For less than $12 more than you would have spent on the RR-56-2 ramps alone you get 5000 pound per pair capacity ramps and a pair of wheel chocks.

Thanks in advance for considering Reverse Logic as your Race Ramps reseller. Free shipping, of course.