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5000#/pair capacity Heavy Duty Race Ramps from Reverse Logic

Reverse Logic is the only Race Ramps reseller that stocks the Heavy Duty (HD) Race Ramps models. Consequently we sell more HD Race Ramps than any other reseller. Nearly 15% of all the ramps we sell ship out with the HD option. Most other resellers don't even realize they can order the ramps in an HD version. We have been offering the HD ramps since 2011 and we have been stocking them for the last two years.

Standard Race Ramps have a 3000 pound per pair capacity, while the HD Race Ramps are rated at 5000 pounds per pair. So if you have a heavy SUV or pickup truck in addition to your sports car, then you should definitely consider Race Ramps with the Heavy Duty option which are only a $35 upcharge.

Reverse Logic normally stocks the following Race Ramps models with the Heavy Duty option.

RR-56-2-HD (56" L x 12" W x 8" H)
RR-XT-2-HD (67" L x 14" W x 10" H)
RR-RU-HD (14" W x 4" H Roll-ups)
RR-TJ-HD (12" W x 3" H Trak-Jax)
RLL-72-2-HD (72" L x 12" W x 8" H with 6.8˚ initial incline)
RLL-78-2-HD (78" L x 14" W x 12" H with 10.8˚ constant slope)
RLL-87-2-HD (87" L x 14" W x 10" H with 6.8˚*initial incline)
RLL-TR-80-2 (80" L x 14" W 2-pc HD Trailer Ramps)

We don't offer the RLL-80-2 ramp in an HD version. However, the cradle top platform and the shelf of the integrated trailer ramp on the RLL-80-2 model are reinforced.

Commercial shops that use the RR-TJ Trak-Jax to help get the arms of a two-post lift under low cars should consider the more durable RR-TJ-HD model which will stand up to the abuse in a shop environment.

Owners looking for a an extra durable trailer ramp with reinforced top and bottom surfaces should consider the Progressive Incline RLL-TR-80-2. This ramp is designed to be used where cars are loaded and unloaded on non-paved track side parking areas.