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Nostalgia and rose coloured glasses can distort reality, and both of those forces are strong in the ///M camp. I think people can lose sight of the fact that the E9x M3 is simply an amazing all round car.
No, it's not the best track car, luxury sedan, tourer, dragster, exotic-designed or street racer.
It has the right combination of performance, daily usability, comfort, understated class/design (but enough cues in design to remind you that this car can get serious ), heritage, and value (all this car for <$80K) that I would put up against any other car. And I think this is what the goal of the modern M division is, and should be. Once the new M3/4 hits the streets, I'm gonna guess that most of these goals will be met again.
Compared to the competition, and I may sound a bit mad for saying this, there is no other car that I would rather have. I love (!) my car.
(Plus, I would look like an absolute tit if I showed up to work in a green Lambo...)
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