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Originally Posted by aus View Post

It's pretty clear the main motivation behind the niew direction is $$$, with the excuse that //M cars need to get better mileage. But then you look over at Porsche and the new Cayman and 911 are getting crazy good mileage and are fast as hell. Obviously they're essentially 2 seaters, but they made more power and get better mileage... so what's BMW's excuse?
It's also discouraging to see MB bring the Black Series here, Porsche the GT3-RS and even the 4.0 here and BMW pisses on it's largest //M market when ever it comes out with a higher performance version of the M3- claiming it'll be too expensive to bring here... but Porsche can do it REPEATEDLY with their very limited run cars with special engines that make more than the standard engines, so they must of had to get them certified too. How many GT3-RS 4.0 did Porsche bring to the US?? NOT THAT MANY!!

Porsche is part of the vw group (Audi, vw, Porsche, lambo ) and is actually a huge company with deep pockets to engineer specific "porsche" only engines.

People don't realize BMW is a smaller company in the car world. They don't have the same volume as Toyota, daimler (Mercedes), gm, vw group, ford, etc. They need to abide by the same fuel regulations per the EPA with a smaller product line up. It's hard for them to pay for m specific engines and stay profitable. It's no surprise to me the new s55 is based off a production n55. A completely m only engine (s65) will probably never happen again unless BMW merges or is bought by another big car company.

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