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Originally Posted by bronco View Post
Is there a MODE that I can go in to adjust both the shutter speed, the ISO, and the f?
Yes, appropriately named the Manual mode.

But the point is this: when you take a picture, in order for it to look good it needs to be "properly exposed". That means the shutter speed and aperture opening must have correct values (at a particular ISO rating).

For example, for one scene you can have the correct exposure at 1/60sec f2.8, or 1/30sec f5.6, or any other combination like this.

If you select Aperture mode, you adjust the aperture value and the camera figures out the shutter speed.

If you select Shutter mode, you adjust the shutter speed and the camera figures out the correct aperture value.

In both modes you can select whatever ISO value you want, or alternatively some cameras allow for an "auto-ISO" setting (automatically bumping up the ISO in order to achieve correct exposure given your requested parameters).

It's also possible that in order to expose correctly, the camera will be out of range for any of these parameters (shutter speed, aperture value or ISO). When this happens, your experience and some external equipment takes over (tripods, flashguns etc.).

Lastly, a scene may be exposed correctly but the picture can be crap. For instance, a well lit scene where your child's face is out of focus, or blurred due to movement.

To "guess" the effect that various settings may have on the picture, only experience helps. So learn the basics, and shoot thousands of pictures. Experiment with various household scenes: learn how to freeze a drop of water in the sink, or how to expose a dark scene, what difference DOF (depth of field) makes on the appearance of a subject (can be an apple), etc.