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Originally Posted by davcrz5
Originally Posted by Dashman View Post
M5 is faster around the track than an M3?... lol
Recently Autobid German ethusiast publication tested all M Models to see which M would be fastest around Sachsenring racetrack here are results
1.M3 GTS semi slick tires 1:37.30
2.M3 CRT 1:38.37
3.M5 F10 1:38.90
4.1M 1:40.18
5.M3 coupe 1:40.52
6.M3 sedan 1:40.60
7.M3 vert 1:42.63
8.X6M 1:43.67
9.X5M 1:43.72
10. E60 M5 1:43.77

Now GTS and CRT are special addition purpose built true track ready cars this was not surprising in least. I'm more interested in the standard cars,such as a normal M3, M5, and 1M this is where it gets interesting M5 is just three hundredth of second slower than the special edition M3 CRT now that's impressive even more so was how well 1M did considering its price and power now that amazing. So if you are ranking them as standard M cars, non special edition cars this is how they would rank

1. M5 1:38.90
2. 1M 1:40.18
3. M3 1:40.52
4. M3 sedan1:40.60
5. M3 vert 1:42.63

So to answer your question yes standard M5 is faster than the standard M3 around the track. And to answer a bigger questions yes New modern higher horsepower heavier sport sedans and coupes can trump a lighter weight Less powerful sport sedans and coupes go figure.

Of bigboys the Panamera was faster 1:38.13 than the M5 1:38.90, but the M5 with more than 2 sec faster than the E 63 AMG 1:40.59
Some guy his x5m was faster around the track vs an e60 m5.

These times were not back to back times but more of a collection of times from the different track days.

What you or the mag fails to note is that the e60 m5 times are in DAMP conditions. Drivers can also be different. So many variables.

So dont just spit out garbage from magazine articles.