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See this for pagid vs stop tech.

If you are a beginner you can start with cheap stop tech street performance and upgrade to race pads once you start going through them very quickly. The nice thing is that stop tech seem to handle high temps much better than stock pads (even the brembo stock pads).

Lines don't affect stopping power and feel is IMHO subjective.

You can drive with pagids around town but they are noisy and grab later than street pads, which takes getting used to it. I now have endless me20 race pads on brembo and they are much much quieter and better suited for street use than pagids. I haven't tried them on stock calipers though.

My best setup for the track on stock calipers was: RS19 Motul RBF600 and no SS lines. With brembos I am still using motul RBF600 but also have cooling ducts. My 2c is that before going full on SRF to try motul rbf600.

I am driving the same tracks as you so let me know if you have any other questions.

Originally Posted by fjork_duf View Post
I love this thread.

My current line of thought is that I will probably try lines/pads/fluid because a BBK would bump me to another autox class. Ultimately I would like to stay stock. It also doesn't cost that much to run through one set of pads to see if it's a viable option.

I see votes for Pagid/Performance Friction/Endless/Ferodo DS2500/Stoptech pads.

Anyone try all or most of those and have opinions? I think the ferodos and stoptech I would eliminate right away since they are dual purpose pads. Or are those worth a look?

Because I am lazy SRF is going to be my fluid.

As far as SS lines any guidance there?

Since I have never used track pads I have a relatively dumb question: in regular around town driving are track pads dangerous? Is it easy to figure out how much longer my stopping distance will be? I just don't want to throw them on the car then bang into stuff on the freeway or around town.