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I love this thread.

My current line of thought is that I will probably try lines/pads/fluid because a BBK would bump me to another autox class. Ultimately I would like to stay stock. It also doesn't cost that much to run through one set of pads to see if it's a viable option.

I see votes for Pagid/Performance Friction/Endless/Ferodo DS2500/Stoptech pads.

Anyone try all or most of those and have opinions? I think the ferodos and stoptech I would eliminate right away since they are dual purpose pads. Or are those worth a look?

Because I am lazy SRF is going to be my fluid.

As far as SS lines any guidance there?

Since I have never used track pads I have a relatively dumb question: in regular around town driving are track pads dangerous? Is it easy to figure out how much longer my stopping distance will be? I just don't want to throw them on the car then bang into stuff on the freeway or around town.