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Originally Posted by pj.rodriguez View Post
So, browsing the web last night, I emailed someone about their 1991 318is, and he's trying to sell it to me for $10,500. What the heck? Is that even close? I swear the value for that car is less than $5000. He claims it's in great condition but he's just a reseller. Doesn't really know much about BMWs.

Anyway. Just wanted to throw that out there.
The only way I would pay that much for a 318iS is if it had 20,000 original miles and has a fresh profile gasket. When you talked to him was he wearing pajamas? Because he's dreaming.

Keep looking. Yes, the car is probably worth around 5K if it's your typical 318iS that has the mileage and battle scars of a 23+ year old car.

The E30 318iS is a decent car. A 325i, in any trim level, is better.