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Originally Posted by pj.rodriguez View Post
There seems to be an even split in this forum.

After browsing more of the web in Canada, there's also an E36 318i "M" package that is being sold by the same guy selling the E30. But what turns me away about it is the M3 logo on the back... Here's the link if anyone wants to take a look.
The E36 318i is a complete dog of a car.

Don't take this the wrong way, but I think you really need to look, touch, and drive some cars first. THEN narrow your focus to one or two specific models. You've compared an E30 325E, E36 318i, and two previous generation M3s. These cars are all completely different from one another. Comparing an E46 M3 to an E36 318i is like comparing Charlize Theron to Gabourey Sidibe. Sure, they're both actors, but....

Figure out what your budget is for a car. Then look at what BMWs fall in that budget. Do your research (common failures, common services, etc), and decide EXACTLY what one or two models you could live with. Then it becomes a well defined car search, and you'll be more likely to end up with something you'll be happy with.

I see your signature says you have an E88 128i...are you looking for something to replace it, or are you looking to add to the stable?