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Just read this entire thread today, post for post. First off, thank you for sharing your input and follow-up's, great read and insight. Your car looks sick and I'm jelly of the power, and all the technological prowess your car provides, truly something our M's may never compete with. However, something tells me you may gravitate back by your subtle references, and I think you'll relate to my words. Myself, feeling empathetic to your quote "....Sad, but just got rid of the M3 a few days ago.", I seriously would have a very difficult time parting with my M forever. Take today for example; after watching the forecast the night before, I was amped up to uncover my beast, and cruise. And cruise I did! I had some work shit i had to take care of in the AM, but the rest of the day was just a fuel burner. Being tucked away for a couple of weeks due to the spotty weather we've had, I'm sure if she could talk she would say, "what the fuck are you waiting for Mr., please ram some cool, clean, New England winter air down my throat!"
A few months age I had the opportunity to buy a used suburban as a DD. Was that a blessing in disguise! Lumbering around in that tank for a few days kept me anxiously awaiting today's jaunt. And she didn't disappoint. She may not be the fastest, probably not even close, but it gave me just the right dose of medicine that could have kept me driving all day long. I think you get my point.
In closing, and not taking one single horsepower away from your beast, I somehow don't get the impression the mighty GT-R, and all her blood curdling roar, mind bending torque, and adhesive road hugging tires, still leaves you yearning for the one car you let some stranger drive out of your driveway, and out of your life.
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