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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by NemesisX
^ I agree the "omg ugly predator grill blarlalralr M4 da beeeeest because ///M power baby!!!" posts are not substantive and pretty useless, but it's pretty easy to gloss over those posts. They tend to be one or two lines long and no harm is really done IMO.

I think you should learn to take these posts in stride.

Personally, I have no allegiances to any car brand so I don't really care whether sub-group X (e.g. posters on bimmerpost) think car brand Y (e.g. Lexus) is ugly or whatever.

Go over to a Porsche or Ferrari forum and you'll find plenty of condescending posts about BMW.
I try to an extent. This is my least browsed and used forum (I probably wouldn't use it if it weren't for the great iOS app). I literally only come to this subforum to see new opinions and discussions. I prefer Autoblog, Jalopnik, pistonheads, and /r/cars much more, since they're general car enthusiast sites, and I'm the same way: no allegiance to any particular brand. Never got into 6speed but I've been told that there's quality over there.
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