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Originally Posted by BlackJetE90 View Post

I like Lexus. As I has said before, I would drive a IS-F all day long. The LF-A is an incredible car. I just think Lexus styling is headed for the sh*tter. Take the LF-NX for example. If that is a sign of their future desing language, then they are going to ruin each model one by one. Really a shame considering the specs on RC-F look to be very good.

I currently am not interested in any new BMW's, they have become soft. The new M3/M4 is not very attractive either. BMW has lost their minds. No more normally aspirated engines, building EV's and hybrids, front wheel drive cars, joint ventures with Toyota, efficient dynamics, etc...

So your statement is way off. No, I don't hate Lexus. No, BMW is not better. Actually that have been losing many comparos. I just think this car's front end is straight up ugly.
Your entire recent post history in any Lexus thread is the same thing. You basically call things off as ugly. I don't see the point in generic slander, especially when there's no real conversation to be made from it. It's kind of like name calling without any substance and it gets old. I think we get your point already. Try to keep the general auto section objective (unlike every other sub on this forum).

Originally Posted by johanness View Post
Or something like this:

"I clearly think Lexus design team have their heads up their asses. Everybody needs to know the OP gets butt-hurt every time we express an OPINION contrary to his own. They are fugly as hell and we BMW enthusiasts should count our lucky stars that despite erring on the conservative side... BMW team lead didn't come up with crap like this."
No point in responding to the bait, but you might as well look at my response above. Throwing out "hurr durr, so ugly, so hideous, better hide the ugly, etc." doesn't really add anything to the discussion.
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