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Originally Posted by johanness View Post
Or something like this:

"I clearly think Lexus design team have their heads up their asses. Everybody needs to know the OP gets butt-hurt every time we express an OPINION contrary to his own. They are fugly as hell and we BMW enthusiasts should count our lucky stars that despite erring on the conservative side... BMW team lead didn't come up with crap like this."
Why the heck are you in this thread if that's what you feel? Do you just enjoy being a negative douche? Why not let others discuss a car that you find "fugly as hell" without you coming into every thread to remind them of your disdain for the brand anytime you want to go on a toddler tantrum. We get it, you think it's ugly, we knew that 2 pages ago. Thanks for your opinion dude! Now maybe you can move on and stop hijacking this thread for your giggles.
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