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Originally Posted by JAJ View Post
You're right, of course. But there's a big difference between racing and track days. If the rules for your racing class call for factory brakes, then you'll run factory brakes and you'll manage them so they last for the race. So will everyone else in that class that you're competing against.

Track days are more like an unlimited racing class, and how drivers use their brakes is a choice that each driver makes - some are easy on them and some are not. Unsurprisingly, many are hard on their brakes and a BBK makes it safer for them and the cars around them. I like that.
When upgrading to a BBK in my opinion you are doing so because of pushing your braking system past its potential when it comes to cooling and longevity. For most you are not really pushing your brake system to its maximum potential, especially with tracks in the states. Most think that they are overworking their brake systems but they really are not, especially with upgraded sections. Also, you mention how most are hard on their brakes. If they are hard on the brakes having a BBK will not help them to understand that they are improperly using their brakes but to simply blind them into thinking that they are performing well. Most of this is a brain game until you can truly fine tune your driving skills.

When I speak of production car classes in the 24hr Nurburgring they are truly pushing their brake systems to the limit but with having upgraded parts such as SS lines, pads, rotors and fluid they are able to keep it at a sustainable level. This is with of course 24 hours of punishment. If a stock system can take 24 hours of pure punishment with upgraded parts then a regular "track" driver will keep his brake system within a sustainable level of cooling with those same aftermarket additions.

I am not arguing that a BBK is NOT good for the our car but the OEM system is great and most don't think or understand that it is.

To the OP, when you become a skilled driver you will know that you need to upgrade your braking system to a BBK. If it was me I would take the smart route with upgrading what I have mentioned before. If you have come to realize that your needing a bigger system for cooling and brake force because you are going so fast that you need a much greater braking force then by all means get a BBK. If you want to waste money and buy a BBK because you will feel better with it then do so as well, its your money. I know a few people that do this but I can guarantee you that this does not help them to be a better driver on the track but to have a much lighter wallet upgrading parts they don't need.