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Originally Posted by NoirthernDancer
The 325e has a 121hp engine geared for low end torque and fuel economy. It can be made into an "i" w/o too much difficulty or cost. If its that nice you may not want to drive it in winter. Buy it, drive it for 5 years and sell it for same price you paid for it (again assuming its a gorgeous well maintained car). This spoken by me, he who owns a very nice E30.
Couldn't agree more. I got an 87 325IS, and it never seems to go out of style. It will be forever classic, and I hope to keep it as long as I can. Now E46 M3 are is also an excellent choice, as long as you can find one in decent shape. However if you choose any of these in a bad shape, you will be spending a lot in repair, unless DIY. If your going for the E30, look out for rust, and any leaks on the engine, and when the timing belt was done. Also let the car run in stand still for about 15 min to see if there is any heating issue. I would also recommend if you can find a E30 I or IS, they are lot more fun than the e.