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It's like a snazzy looking Genesis Coupe! Grill is pretty bad, I mean that much 'black mesh plastic' is just a bad contrast idea. I guess if the car were black, then it would all blend in and be hidden a bit.

Re: specs, I like that it will be NA and 480hp! Sweet. Don't like it has a torque converter auto - lame. Interior is meh, not bad, but nothing wow.

The LF-A is the only Lexus sports car that showed promise for Lexus's future. That car was a masterpiece competing with the very best of its class. It's like the guy / team who made the LF-A quit Lexus, and some idiots are picking up the pieces - the RC-F could of easily become a toned down version of the LF-A, and had a better chance competing in the segment - instead we get this recycled shizzz... dude...