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Thanks OP. I have been using K40 on my cars for about 8 years now. Always good to hear someone's personal take on these. I would disagree with the comment though that the K40 is a waste of money. The newest system is phenomenal from what I have experienced. Much better sensitivity in picking up a KA band much farther down the road and from corners. it has saved me and given me plenty of warning well in advance where the older systems weren't quite as responsive.

I also like the concealment aspect of this system. Everything is hidden from view.

I run laser jammers as well. Laser isn't as widely used where I live Boston. However, I have been hit lidar. In a few scenarios where lets say I was driving faster than need be. The system would engage, I slow down and continue driving without incident. However, this product you are mentioning is supposed to amazing so that is why I'm asking.

Thanks again OP. be safe out there.