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Originally Posted by SouthShoreM3 View Post
OP I'm curious to hear if you have any experience with other brands like the new K40, escort, valentine, etc.

What may some of the differences in be in this product? Or is this specifically for lidar and not such much for k or Ka bands.

I've seen there products online so I'm just curious. Are these something that you can integrate with an existing product like the k40 RL360i.

Thanks in advance.
I do not have personal experience with other laser jammers however I am also running a redline radar detector and passport 8500ci built in. I did an extensive amount of research when I purchased the laser interceptor and am convinced it is the best out there for laser jamming. K40 and escort 9500ci are a waste of money for laser jammer, 9500ci radar detector on the other hand is good and I like my 8500ci that is the 9500ci's little brother.

To sum that up. Laser interceptor is specifically for LIDAR, you will need a standalone radar detector for K,Ka, ect bands. And if no other reason than Cliff has some of the best customer I have ever seen I would go with him, he just happens to have the best product. Blinder laser jammers are a close second as far as tests but I have had a few people tell me that they got hit with lasers and it punched through. Hope that helps.