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Originally Posted by STi_traitor View Post
It's hard to say how much I go through. I have fairly new front rotors installed and the original rears. I also have fairly new Ferodo 2500 pads on. I will let you know after the season how well it went. I know this is a ways out but its the best I can do.

In the end I can promise you that a BBK is a huge waste of money for you. The V class (production cars) in the 24hr Nurburgring use stock calipers with upgraded lines, pads and I believe rotors from what I saw last year. These cars are nearly production level with of course a cage and gutted as much as possible for weight.
You're right, of course. But there's a big difference between racing and track days. If the rules for your racing class call for factory brakes, then you'll run factory brakes and you'll manage them so they last for the race. So will everyone else in that class that you're competing against.

Track days are more like an unlimited racing class, and how drivers use their brakes is a choice that each driver makes - some are easy on them and some are not. Unsurprisingly, many are hard on their brakes and a BBK makes it safer for them and the cars around them. I like that.