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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
The most relevant question is who the EFF is anthony chu? Nobody as far as I can tell. Personally, I wouldn't be sending my stuff to guys with no reputation. In fact I would insist on an immaculate reputation. Not to say that this is your fault. He still had an obligation to do right by you. But this is a lesson learned for everyone thinking about working with no-names. Don't.
Anthony is a active member of the M5board (board name Mbitiou5 ) and Ive seen many of his jobs so its not like this was just some random dude that I sent my lights to. In addition he was partnering with another member, Chris who owns Republic Wraps, and is very highly regarded for his work with lights and wraps so I felt confident going into it. The reason I didnt go with Chris from the get go was simply due the fact that he was extremely busy and I wanted to get them done. I also like to support the up and coming guys as I know how difficult it can be to start a business so I gave the job to Anthony. The biggest mistake I made was working with someone who was 1000 miles away vs in my backyard.

Again guys this thread was started to give everyone here a heads up to my experience and to hopefully prevent anyone else from getting screwed like I did. I dont need, expect or want anyone to feel sorry for me. Im a big boy and can take my blows.