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As long as you use good and fresh fluid, something like PFC01 race pads *and* use Ti shims between the pad backing plate and piston, you should be good to go for even very high level driving with R-comps. The Ti shim works wonders in interrupting the heat transfer path from the backing plate to the piston. It also shields the piston dust cover from "seeing" the hot backing plate from a radiation heat transfer point of view. I've used them for years with great success including on my Stoptech BBK.

The Ti shims become especially important as pad thickness is worn down. The pad material is a fantastic insulator, so as it wears down the backing plate temperature goes up (and up and up with more wear) and the heat transfer to the piston of course goes up. From 1/2 worn and on down, Ti shims become indispensable for saving piston dust covers and reducing heat transfer into the piston and therefore fluid.
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